The IMA department of the UdG with his SIR project has developed a realistic ilumination simulation of the new UdG building, called P4. This page offers screenshots, videos and 3D models of this building and results obtained using different illumination algorithms.

3D Model

The building is composed by three floors, with doors and windows. In addition, there is an exterior environment that simulates an horizont. There exists multiple light sources inside each floor and one general exterior light that simulates the sun. This 3D model is in MGF format, and has four different walkthroughs (one per level) in MGFE format.

You can download the 3D model here:

There are also the 3D model in other formats :

The features of these models haven't been tested or couldn't be translated from MGF (materials, light emitters, ...). Please, contact with if there is any problem or if other format is required.

New P4 model version.
P4 2.0 has these new features : You can download this model in VRML 2.0 format here :

Original Planes

These are snapshots of the original 2D planes of the P4 building, in DXF/DWG format (AutoCAD).

Level -1 Level 0 Level +1


Some screenshots (obtained with the multi-frame, ray tracer and hierarchical Monte Carlo radiosity algorithms) of different places inside the building are shown below:

Level -1

Corridor Central courtyard Robotics & Vision Lab Level -1 Level -1

Level 0

Main entrance Secretary office Central courtyard

Level +1

Corridor Corridor Central courtyard

Walkthrough videos

Three walkthroughs (one per level) have been also produced by using the multi-frame algorithm.

Level -1

Level -1 MPEG - 12 MB

Level 0

Level -0 MPEG - 15 MB

Level +1

Level +1 MPEG - 22 MB


For more information contact with:

Albert Mas
Gonzalo Besuievsky
Xavier Pueyo

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