Complex Light Sources
The objective is to develop a new method for transforming a ray set (representing a near-field measurement of a light source), into a much more compact representation. We created a mesh on the bounding surface of the ray set that stores illumination information. We demonstrated that the new representation can compress a 10 million particle ray set into a mesh of a few hundred triangles. We also showed that the error of this representation is low, even for very close objects.
Some results for a real ray set: Osram Powerball
False color images :
  Real : Original light source illumination at 1mm. distance
  Sampled : Compressed and sampled light source illumination at 1mm. distance
  l² difference : Difference image between real and sampled, using l² metric
  Scaled difference : Scaled difference image to observe better error

Some results for four synthetic ray sets following cosinus and radial distributions