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People Involved

Main Developer: Remei Ridorsa
Project coordinator: Gustavo Patow


Here you can see the skylineEngine brochure (pdf, 16Mb).


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The buildingEngine module is a research-orignted project aimed at the procedural definition and construction of buildings and other architectonic structures.

Currently, this code (v3.6) is distributed as stand-alone Houdini OTL library plus some documents and an example file. In the near future, it will be fully integrated in the next release of the skylineEngine system.

If you want to have a taste of what this version of our buildingEngine is cappable of, take a look at this image!

Raccolet House

This house is the Raccolet House. We took the assets (doors, windows, columns, etc) from the model from Daz3D, and made a fully procedural version of it!

By the way, we presented a live demo of both buildingEngine and how to build a procedural city with Houdini and skylineEngine, on July 2nd and 3rd (2010), in the context of the OpenCobalt presentations organized by Milla Digital and Zaragoza City Council. The corresponding material and demos can be found here!


Version 3.6 can be downloaded here (the example is included in the zip file).

To learn about this module, you can check the node guide (pdf, 394kb), or even do a simple tutorial

Known issues

  • If you change the file (or the path) to load at an Insert node, sometimes you'll have to disconnect its entries and connect them again...
  • People Involved

    • XMLShape (Original name of the project): Ferran Roure
    • buildingEngine (v1.0~v3.6): Gustavo Patow