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People Involved

Main Developer: Remei Ridorsa
Project coordinator: Gustavo Patow


Here you can see the skylineEngine brochure (pdf, 16Mb).


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The TrafficSim module is a stand-alone project that aims at the implementation of the traffic simulation module described in:

"Interactive Geometric Simulation of 4D Cities", Basil Weber, Pascal Mueller, Peter Wonka and Markus Gross, Eurographics 2009 / Computer Graphics Forum.

For more information about the original paper, visit the authors webpage.

You can see some results of our simulations in action: (to view the images in full size, right click on them and select "view image")
(from left to right: one path manually defined, traffic density estimation (100 trips))
one path manually defined traffic density estimation (100 trips)
(from left to right: paths imported in Houdini, top view of the cars integrated with skylineEngine)
paths imported in Houdini top view of the cars integrated with skylineEngine
(from left to right: one frame in our simulation and a close-up view)
a frame in our simulation a close-up view

Our implementation is written in Python. Its results can be plugged into the skylineEngine project and Houdini as simple car animations. As an example, you can see a few videos:

Currently, this code is distributed as stand-alone, but in the future it'll be integrated in the next versions of skylineEngine.

People Involved

  • V 1.0: Zhi Chao Yin


As TrafficSim is a stand-alone app, version 1.0 can be downloaded here!!